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TREE Services

Hiring a contractor to either prune or remove a tree on your property is not something to take lightly.   The fact of the matter is that arborist work is incredibly dangerous.  Each and every day, arborists have to deal with large heights, and chainsaws, often together.  Over the past 19 years, 1642 tree worker fatalities have been recorded.  Using this number, a conservative estimate is that one arborist is killed every 2.5 working days (source: Tree Dynamics and Integrated Risk Assessment, Arboriculture Canada).

That's why prior to offering tree services, Dan took four classes from the friendly people at Arboriculture Canada (Technical Tree Falling,  Hazard and Danger Tree Cutting and Falling, Tree Dynamics and Integrated Risk Assessment, and Tree Climbing and Work Positioning).  Then we bought the climbing gear, chainsaws and chipper.  When it comes to safety, we don't put the horse before the cart.

As a Certified Horticulturalist, and after having spent a season working a Green Haven Garden Center, Dan can recognize plant diseases and insects and help inform you of the options for your plants moving forward.

For the record, we won't cut the tops out of your trees.  To do so would be to significantly damage the tree, and create future safety liabilities that will cost a lot of money to fix.  Also, we readily admit that some jobs are best served by picker trucks instead of climbers (we climb).  If we arrive on site to give you a quote, only to realize that your tree could be serviced more economically and safely using a picker truck, we won't hesitate to refer another business.  We want what's best for you and your plants, and we'll deliver on that promise no matter what.