Both paving stone and retaining walls are great examples of how proper ground preparation pays off in the long run.  Installations that look good at first can look bad in as little as a year if the road crush base isn't properly installed.  At Healthy Soils, we don't cut corners on our paving stone and retaining wall bases.  All base preparations feature:

  • at least 10" of 3/4" road crush compacted in 2" layers for all driveways, pathways and patios
  • a layer of landscape fabric between the clay and road crush base to prevent mixing
  • no more than 1" of sand between the road crush base and the pavers

It's hard work to these types of masonry projects (retaining walls especially!), but the end result is always worth it.  There's always lots of new products coming out in this industry, so please stop by our friends Blocks and Rocks, and check out their products, including Lethbridge's own Rox Block.

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