1.  You contact us, by phone or email.  We set up an appointment, and we come to your house.

2.  We discuss the vision for your landscape, and come up with a bubble plan; we determine what the purpose and focus of your landscape will be.  Ideas are suggested, opinions are exchanged, until there's a consensus and understanding of the plan moving forward.

3.  We take exact measurements of your property and its existing elements, such as trees, sheds, etc.  During this time we also measure elevation changes using our laser level, and determine proper grading and water drainage.

4.  The distances, elevations and all other measurements are put into the design program to provide us with our to-scale blank slate to begin drawing your yard.

5.  We sit with you, at your kitchen table, and design your dream landscape.  We have the ability to do this because of all the work we've already put in customizing our  design software to fit the needs of a Lethbridge climate.

6.  Once you are satisfied with your custom landscape design, we invoice you for the design work, and email you the drawing.  Design services are billed at $75/hr.  Because of our experience, and our custom landscape design software, most landscape designs range from $200 to $300 for an average sized, new lot in Lethbridge.

7.  We provide you with a quote for any landscaping to be done to turn the design into reality.  If we are hired to do at least $3000 of work, then we will deduct the cost of the design from the final landscaping invoice. 

How it Works

We have spent years refining and customizing our landscape design software to enable us to provide you with a great design in very little time.  We have assembled a plant database library of every available perennial, shrub and tree that is available in Lethbridge.  Each plant symbol represents the mature size (as it grows in Lethbridge) of that particular plant, so that you know with confidence that your outdoor living space won't outgrow itself.  As far as we know, nobody else in town has this level of in-depth knowledge and customization at their fingertips. 

But it's not just the landscape design software.  Our experience (combined 20+ years), our education (Certified Horticulturalist) and our service will help guide you through the concept and design of your landscape.

About our designs

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