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If you want a green lawn in Lethbridge, the reality is you need underground sprinklers.  Even some plants are difficult to grow without irrigation unless you're out in the garden religiously with the water hose.  To compound the difficulty of growing plants in our semi-arid environment is the fact that our harsh winds literally draw the water out of the leaves and needles of our plants, which is why there's winter burn on many of our evergreens when spring rolls around.

What other businesses install as an upgrade, we install standard.  All our valves are installed with available flow control.  Every sprinkler system is installed with a rain sensor so that you save money long-term.  We explain how to set each of your heads, and how to use your irrigation controller.  And after each sprinkler installation, we come back 2 weeks later to double check that every thing is running smoothly.

The point is this:  Water is precious and expensive.  The irrigation industry is constantly updating to deliver more intelligent and efficient products.  We keep up to date on these products so that we can deliver the most efficient sprinkler system possible.  Let us show you how.

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We proudly install Hunter irrigation products, purchased at Eljay Irrigation. 
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