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Lethbridge, AB

We use Interstar pigments to color our concrete curbing.  Please visit the link below to choose the colour of your concrete curbing.  We are always adding to our collection of stamps and roller to provide more choices for your landscape curbing, but right now we have the following in stock:

  • Ashlar
  • Brick
  • Spanish Texture
  • Wood Grain
  • Flagstone/Random Slate

We're excited to now offer our own custom concrete curbing service to our landscape clients!


Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will guide you through your project from beginning to finish, always with a friendly smile.

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At Healthy Soils Landscaping, we take concrete curbing pretty seriously.  You will see our competition install concrete curbing directly onto topsoil.  We think this is a mistake and a flawed process.  In our climate, concrete contractors install either crushed gravel or 3/4" road crush under their work.  This is to prevent the concrete from heaving and cracking due to the freeze-thaw cycle we get from winter freezing moisture in the ground. 

So we dig down and install 3/4" road crush and then compact it with a plate tamper in order to provide a proper base under our concrete curbing.  It's the same process that we do for installing our paving stone.  It's more work.  Actually, it's a lot more work.  But your landscape is only as good as the weakest component within it, and we believe the extra work is necessary.


The Process

Concrete Curbing

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