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Bobcat Services

  • Augering post holes
  • Setting steel posts in concrete
  • Excavation services
  • Topsoil Installation
  • General Dirt Work

We at Healthy Soils Landscaping are at our best when you just let us do all the work, and install a beautiful landscape in your backyard.  But we understand that sometimes the budget just doesn't allow for it.  Sometimes a little bit of sweat equity on your part can pay off big value in your home, and allow you to enjoy your backyard just the same.

But let's face it.  There's only so much work you can do with a wheelbarrow and shovel before husband and wife start shouting at each other.  Bark mulch isn't so bad to wheel barrow, but have you tried moving topsoil or gravel all day long?  It's horrendous.  Give us a call.  We'd be happy to do some of the heavy lifting with our Bobcat and dump truck, and let you do some of the finishes touches in your landscape.

Common bobcat services what are asked of us is to install steel posts in concrete for fences, general excavation and dirt work and installing fresh topsoil.  We charge out our Bobcat and the attachments (tooth bucket, smooth bucket forks, auger drive and bits) with the dump truck at $85/hr.

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